Welcome to Fondy Family Dental

(previously Dr. Tom Kraus Dentistry)

As of February 1st, 2021 we will be going through a transition after being owned and operated by Dr. Tom Kraus for 30+ years. Dr. Kraus loved every part of taking care of his patients in this great community. He will always remember the great people and relationships that made this office one of the best. It is because of this that he wanted to make sure he passed on his practice to the right person. Through the search process, he selected Dr. Chad Goeke to take over the practice due to similar values and treatment alignment. We have begun to take steps to create a dental experience that will continue to live up to the high standards and expectations of Dr. Kraus, his team, and his patients. We are looking forward to introducing you to Dr. Chad and the few tweaks we have made. Take a look around, check back for updates, and please contact us if you have any questions!

Mission Statement

We provide quality dental services in a happy, honest, organized, and efficient environment that teaches and involves the patient regarding the status, treatment, and future outlook of their oral health.

How We Are Different

We intend to distinguish ourselves from other dental offices by providing general dentistry utilizing a digital workflow including communication, record keeping, diagnostics, treatment, and prevention.

Who We Are

Dr. Chad Goeke

Dr. Chad enjoys fixing problems and dentistry allows him to do that everyday for the people of Fond du Lac. He truly loves what he does and is excited to help the community in any way he can.

Our Team

We are a small team of caring individuals that enjoy our work, our team, and our patients. Come in and see us so we can help you with your dental health!

How We Do It

Digital Dentistry

Online Bill Pay

Membership Plans (Coming Soon)

Digital Paperwork (Coming Soon)

Online Scheduling (Coming Soon)

Payment Plans (Coming Soon)