First Adult Visit Comprehensive Exam

The first adult visit to our office is usually a comprehensive exam that allows us to take an in depth look at the oral health of the patient. It includes an interview, documentation of previous and future treatment, xrays, photographs, periodontal check, and the preparation of a plan to get the patient back to optimal oral health. It usually does not include any type of cleaning at this time.

First Child Visit Comprehensive Exam

The first visit for a child is usually able to be done in our hygiene department where a cleaning is done at the same visit. At this appointment we are checking for any cavities, oral hygiene problems, areas to monitor, poor habits, and problems with the child’s tooth alignment and bite. Younger children (Ages 6 months-2 years) usually need to be accompanied by an adult and many times a thorough exam and cleaning is not able to be done. It is important however to still bring them in as it desensitizes the child to the environment and allows the parent to ask questions and for habits to be corrected early. Ages 3+ usually do not need a parent present in the chair unless necessary.

Periodic/Check-up Exam

The periodic or also known as check-up exam is usually done every 6 months when the patient is getting their teeth cleaned. It allows the patient to ask any questions and also for the hygienist or dentist to inspect any changes occuring. It is often best practice to have xrays taken once a year so minor changes can be documented and possible treatment planned if needed.


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